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new Prodys IKUSNET

Ikusnet is the product that changes it all in the way that news contribution is performed. It is not only the fact that you can use Ikusnet to send your live news via satellite or Internet, at your election, but also that Ikusnet integrates in only one super portable package all the functionality you usually have in an ENG van.

With Ikusnet you can transmit your live news using Internet, because Ikusnet adapts dynamically to the network conditions, taking the best from the experienced H.264 algorithms and IP protocols used by Prodys for years. Of course you can also perform a satellite live transmission using the DVB- ASI interface. Also, in case live is not a requirement, store your material into the local storage and forward lately to the base station.

But the best about Ikusnet is that it is not only one transmission box: with Ikusnet you have all the functionality of one small news gathering suite: with two folding video monitors and one menu touchpad, you have all the control you need for your news productions.

Operational features:
- H.264 bidirectional real time encoding/decoding starting at 200Kbps.
- Internet and satellite transmission and interfaces.
- File store and forward using removable SD cards.
- Automatic connection to base station through Internet.
- Optional 3G mobile Internet connection kit.
- Optional satellite Internet connection kit.
- 12V power feed for easy connection to vehicle battery and camera belts.
- Two foldable video monitors with selectable inputs.
- Menu touchpad with configurable operational presets.
- Program and order/talkback audio channels.


The first units of NOMADA IP W, the new Prodys portable audio codec with 3G wireless communication, have already been provided to our customers. This new product enhances the capabilities of our successful NOMADA IP codec, providing a third XLR line input and 2 USB ports. An external, compact 3G wireless communications modem is also included with the new unit.

new features in IP family firmware 6.3.3.

The new features are aimed at improving the quality of the audio communication and making ProntoNet units easier to setup and use. As a result of the on-going dialogue between Prodys and their customers the latest firmware incorporates a large number of enhancements: Automatic Jitter Buffer, N+1 Prodys Redundancy Protocol, New NAT Traversal techniques with SIP protocol, Enhanced RTP protocol, … a few of which are detailed below:

- Automatic Jitter Buffer: Allows the unit to adapt the receiver buffer automatically by analysing the performance of the connected IP network.
- N+1 Prodys Redundancy Protocol allows “K” backup IP codecs to provide resiliency for up to “N” active IP codecs.
- New NAT Traversal techniques with SIP protocol allows the user to establish IP calls without having to configure their routers.
- Enhanced RTP protocol for compatibility with other manufacturers.

To get detailed information on all the new features, please download the new firmware file and the documentation with the changes using the following link:

The following document details all changes in the firmware version 6.3.3: What's new v6.3.3.pdf.

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