ARDIS Technologies - 7.D12


Avid unity emulation
Avid Interplay compatibility

Demonstration of the DDP32DEXR as an example of the DDP series of scalable redundant system with no single point of failure.

The DDP32DEXR consists of two DDP Heads and two DDP16DEXR storage Arrays.

DDPxDEXR represents a scalable redundant DDP series with an optional number of x drives with x between 16 and 3200. The current capacity can be up to 6.4 PB. The DDPxSEXR consists of two DDP Heads and DDP16DEXR storage arrays. The DDPxDEXR has "no single point of failure" and is meant for critical environments such as bigger postproduction and broadcast departments and rental companies. Bandwidth can be as high as requested. When capacity is the priority and not so much bandwidth a cost effective near line version of the DDPxDEXR can be delivered. The near line version uses our MAID technology to minimize power usage. A DDP32DEXR, consisting of two DDP Heads and two DDP16DEXR redundant storage arrays is shown at our booth.

Ardis Technologies, manufacturers of the DynamicDrivePool (DDP) series of Ethernet based SAN systems with built-in Metadata Controller, the Ardis Virtual File System, AVFS. The DDP provides full Project and File Level Based Sharing for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, EVS, Adobe, Grass Valley, Telestream, DVS, Digital Vision, Autodesk and all other applications with any video, audio and film format from DV to 4K/DPX/Cineon. The DDP can also be integrated with Interplay, Final Cut Server, Build4Media and MAM and Backup systems. The cost effective DDP series range from a small desktop DDP4DP with 4 SATA drives, a 19" DDP8D, DDP12D, DDP16D, DDP24D, DDP40D and DDP48D, to large scalable redundant systems. Ardis Technologies is software technology driven company and the functions of the DDP are developed in house. The DDP is the easiest SAN around. It is one system (a DDP), one network (Ethernet) and all from one manufacturer.

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