Digidesign VENUE Live Consoles now available


Amptec’s 15+ years of experience with Digidesign Protools systems and hi-end live sound now fuses to a Benelux dealership for Digidesign VENUE live consoles, including the D-show, Profile and brand new SC48 models.
With this addition, Amptec now represents the complete Avid audio and video product line, from M-audio over Avid video, Protools LE and HD to Venue Live systems.

As an extra to our proven reputation for know-how and support, Amptec also houses Digidesign’s service center, with skilled engineers trained by Digidesign.
We are also Benelux distributor for the leading plug-in brands (e.g. Waves, Sonnox, URS, ...) and Aviom personal monitoring systems (compatible with Venue consoles).

The Digidesign VENUE consoles are the only consoles available with full integration to third party-partners like Aviom, Waves, Sonnox, McDSP, TC electronic, etc.
Thus offering the operator different sonic flavors like API, SSL, Neve, Pultec, Urei, Drawmer or Focusrite EQ and/or compression, TC and Line6 reverb/delays, even Moog filters, Sansamp distortion, multi-band dynamics and dynamic EQ, Autotune, Eventide, Sony Oxford and convolution reverbs, etc.
All available inside your console, stored in your favorite snapshots.

The direct link to Protools LE and HD systems offers up to 96 channels of multitrack recording and playback, providing seamless integration with all major mixing studio’s and virtual sound check possibilities.

Amptec’s demo Profile and SC48 consoles are available for demo’s from now on, with a working Protools HD2 64-channel recording rig and plugins pre-installed from Waves, Sonnox, URS, McDSP and TC Electronic.

All Waves plug-in bundles for VENUE ordered before November 27th 2009 come with an extra 35% reduction!


Contact dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, harald.vanherf@amptec.be for more information.

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