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T-series at European Parliamentary elections


As the fountainhead of democracy in the Western hemisphere, the EU is bound by its own conventions to give every citizen a voice, and in so doing, make sure that as many voices as possible be heard. The elections for the European Parliament were no exception.

On Sunday 7th June an international press conference was convened at the EU headquarters in Brussels to hear the outcome of this Europe wide poll. As vote counts were resolved, the results were relayed to the assembled masses of the world’s press by none other than d&b audiotechnik’s innovative T-Series loudspeakers, and simultaneously broadcast via live TV across the whole of Europe.

The bi-polar system design, two line arrays of eleven T10 loudspeakers positioned directly above the broadcast dias from where the televised result announcements were staged, was made by Patrick Van Cauwenberghe who barely two months ago attended his first T-Series seminar at the Cirque Royale in Brussels. “This system is simply the perfect one for the job”, said Van Cauwenberghe. “Looks and size are important for television’s aesthetic, and the light weight T loudspeaker addressed structural considerations. Performance and propagation were critical for the acoustic of this domed installation environment; any colouration of the stage microphones was 100% unacceptable and the T-Series made that an easy goal to achieve.”

The system was supplied and rigged by Laurent Fortier SPRL of Belgium, "We were the first buyer of the T10 in Belgium," said Monsieur Fortier. "We already use a lot of Q-Series loudspeakers; knowing the d&b quality I made my purchase without even hearing the system. I have never encountered a d&b product that didn't do exactly what the brochure says it will do and the multiple applications possible with T-Series is very attractive. For this particular project I am grateful for support from Amptec, the Distributor for d&b in Belgium. It was a great day for all of us."

So there it was democracy in action. For d&b, democracy has always been about its citizens, the listeners. From the very start of the company, it had formulated the belief in what was called the system concept: compatibility of electronics, remote control, loudspeakers, accessories and support excellence. Good sound for everyone regardless of status is a goal d&b have consistently pursued towards reality for over twenty-five years. Conversely, for the politicians, it’s about the power to rule; whether they still adhere to the founding principles of their organisation in the same way as d&b has done so is a matter of perception. So when it comes to voting: make sure your voice gets heard.

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