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Get ready for MILAN


We’re not talking fashion here (well, not clothing anyway…) we’re talking media networking. MILAN – which stands for Media Integrated Local Area Networking – is a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real-time media that offers a high-level interoperability solution based on AVB.


Co-created by some of the world’s most prominent audio manufacturers, MILAN proposes seamless interoperability between all compatible products. Our friends at DirectOut and d&b have now both released products that support MILAN.


DirectOut has launched the MILAN.IO module for their ever-popular PRODIGY series of converters and processors. Supported audio formats now include MILAN, Dante, AES67/RAVENNA, and SoundGrid.


Meanwhile, d&b has released compatible versions of three of its core electronics products: 
• DS20 audio network bridge which provides the interface between d&b amplifiers and the MILAN audio transport protocol
• DS100M signal engine, a network-based, MILAN-enabled DSP platform which is also the processing platform for Soundscape
• D90 4-channel amplifier for touring and live sound with integrated loudspeaker management functionality, switchable filter functions and definable EQ


You can find more information about MILAN here.

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