Music Mission has landed


Adding to the existing Monitor Mission, Merging has now released Music Mission for Anubis.

Imagine having a powerful fully-featured low-latency mixer that you can take anywhere.
Imagine touch control of all your I/O connections and all your mixer functions.
Imagine feeding individual cue mixes to each band member.
Imagine this being the front and back end of your favorite DAW.
Imagine all this capability on stage with no DAW.
Imagine this all happening with the quality of audio that you never dreamed possible, whatever the sample rate.
Add your other Merging I/O units and see your system instantly expand into a monster whilst retaining full control from Anubis. This is what being on the ‘network’ really means.
Music Mission can do all this and so much more.

The Music Mission is free for every Anubis owner and just a firmware update away.

Music and Monitor Missions are included within the same firmware.

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