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Penta 721s Dante multiformat converter and router


Penta 721s is a modular MADI, AES and DANTE router with one slot for an optional expansion card, which provides a versatile and flexible solution for signal distribution and audio routing via AES/EBU, MADI, as well as routing via IP Gigabit Ethernet and optical fibre networks. The expansion slot can be installed with any of the  available Penta expansion cards.

Penta 721s is a compact 1U digital audio interface that comes with eight AES/EBU input/output channels, MADI, Dante IP Audio Ethernet in/outs and Pro|Mon as standard, as well as an optional mini-module slot with dual SFP MADI optical in/out connection. 

With Penta 721s you can route to and from any of the digital interfaces on the unit. It has a 512x512 routing/split matrix with a 256x32 summing mixer and can be controlled by DADman software or physical Penta 615 control panels. 

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