Merging Webinar Series

10-07-2020 - 21-07-2020

Anubis monitoring - how to operate - new EQ
July 10th - 16h

Anubis is the most versatile audio converter, mic pre, low-latency mixer and monitor controller all in one small and good-looking unit. We’ll show how to operate it through its menu structure, how to create sources and speaker sets, cues and headphones. We’ll also show the EQ’s that will be available for each speaker for room correction - length approx. 45 minutes
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NEW Merging Audio Device: the new Win 10 aggregator
July 21st - 16h

The New Merging Audio Device is concentrating a lot of requests that have been made by our users for our networked audio converters (Hapi & Horus), mixers and monitors (Anubis) and softwares (Pyramix & Ovation).
All in one; multi ASIO connections, up to 8 WDM (windows media driver) in and outputs and standard AES67/ST2110 connection over the network. Listening to your favourite DAW in ASIO while comparing it with a Spotify or a YouTube playback is now possible. Your Win 10 Computer can run all its audio applications simultaneously over the network -length approx. 45 minutes

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