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DPA 4097

Introducing the 4097 Micro Shotgun & Interview Kit

The new DPA 4097 might look familiar; it combines the 4098 sensitivity and speech intelligibility with the 4099’s suspension mount and wide variety of clips and (wireless) adapters.
The 4097 Interview Kit is made with today's world situation in mind, allowing journalists to do interviewing up to 2 m (6 ft) distance from the interviewee. In addition to the mic, the kit contains a lightweight boom pole and a windjammer (as well as other accessories) and weighs only 330 grams (11.6 oz). 
Shipping will start at the beginning of June. 
Combine the 4097 with a Sony UWP-D wireless system for the ultimate lightweight camera solution.

How to clean your mics

A microphone is used in many ways and often changes hands regularly. Most often, mics are held in hand or mounted on the body. In these cases spit, sweat and skin leave traces on the microphone and cables. So how can you keep your microphones clean ?
Visit the following link and learn everything about proper mic hygiene :

Product spotlight : 4098 gooseneck

The 4098 gooseneck allows table-mounting and ceiling-mounting thanks to its circular base with included shock-mount suspension.
It’s also compatible with virtually all wireless systems and fixed XLR connection.
Lately the 4098 has developed a new fanbase, appearing in news studios in situations where previously body-mounted microphones were used.
Thanks to its neutral off-axis response and clear sound, it’s a fantastic choice in difficult situations where speech intelligibility is of the highest importance with minimal visual impact. 
The 4098 is available in black and white, in lengths from 15cm to 120cm.

DPA Checkup @Amptec

This is no news for loyal customers, but at Amptec we can inspect your DPA microphone(s).
Our basic test includes measurement of sensitivity and comparing frequency response to factory specs. We would like to remind customers that the current situation might be a good time to have a look at your current inventory, and if needed have us inspect some suspect microphones.
We would appreciate you clean them in advance according to the guidelines mentioned earlier and let us know in advance before sending them in.


Contact rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl, steve.haesevoets@amptec.be for more information.

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