The Blue Colette Set


Introducing the “Blue Colette Set”. It will be available in a limited edition of only 100 pieces.

It’s a small set for indoor film sound production, consisting of an MK 41 supercardioid capsule, a CUT 60 low-cut filter, and a CMC 1 miniature amplifier. All three items come in a wonderfully small Peli Case 1015, and they all have the same special blue finish as our well-known CMIT shotgun microphones. The set also includes a B 5 D hollow foam pop screen.

This combination is what we and many film sound specialists, such as Oscar Award winner Simon Hayes, recommend as a standard indoor setup for film sound using a boom. It is also an excellent microphone setup for video streaming applications.

"The Blue Colette Set” #138902 is available now at Amptec.

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