The mighty Artnovion Sub Bass Trap


The Artnovion days we organized a while ago were a success, so we’ll do it again this year !

One product that got lots of attention was the patent-pending Sub Bass Trap.
At Amptec Acoustics, the first thing we look at when treating rooms are those hard to control room modes on the X-Y-Z axis.

The Sub Trap is composed of 4 independent cavities - 3 sealed volumes equipped with independent, tunable diaphragmatic membranes to handle modes in the X- and Y axis, and an additional acoustic core packed with a high performance porous absorber that takes care of the Z-axis modes. 

The Sub Bass Trap can be tuned by yourself to have maximum attenuation around a center frequency from roughly 40 Hz to 60Hz to control those challenging room modes in the X- and Y-axis.
Thanks to the build-in velocity absorber, the z-axis (floor – ceiling) will also be treated.


Design features :

The front panel is detachable and available in different fabric color or wood finishes so it matches perfectly with other absorption and diffusion panels.

The Sub Bass trap is available as a standalone unit, or a corner unit.

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