Fiber seminars, from beginner to expert

09-03-2020 - 11-03-2020

Amptec organizes both a Fiber Basics seminar and an Advanced Fiber seminar in March.

Fiber Basics seminar - Monday March 9th
This seminar is suitable for all levels of experience.

High bandwidth, long distance cable runs, zero electro-magnetic interference,…  these are only a few advantages of optical cabling systems. With the growing number of channels, exploding bandwidth requirements and interfering mobile communication technologies, the need for reliable and future proof cabling solutions is bigger than ever. Expand your knowledge and discover how optical cabling will make your job easier!
During this seminar basic theoretical principles and practices will be discussed.

Some of the topics :
•    Characteristics of glass fiber
•    Optical principles
•    Different fiber types and cables
•    Fiber connections and connectors
•    The main applications of optical fibers
•    Maintenance of optical fiber systems

Advanced Fiber seminar - Wednesday March 11th
For this seminar a basic knowledge of fiber technology is required.

In the Fiber Advanced seminar we will explain the methods of multiplexing and dive into some figures in order to design your own fiber infrastructure. Ultimately we will do measurements (loss, reflection, OTDR) and learn how to solve most common problems.

Some of the topics :
•    Brief overview of fiber basics
•    Choosing the right cable and connectors
•    Multiplexing
•    Designing a fiber infrastructure
•    Measuring fibers
•    Troubleshooting

Werner Ertryckx, optical cabling product specialist, will lead the seminars.
The seminars will be in English.

Click here for a small taster on some of the topics that will be covered.

Number of participants
Maximum 20

Amptec seminar room

From 10:00 to 17:00

165€ per seminar; 300€ for both, lunch is included.

How to register ?
Contact to confirm your participation.

Upon receipt of the registration, participants will be sent a written confirmation. If unable to attend, please inform Amptec in writing before the workshop begins.
In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, Amptec will inform participants in good time.
Amptec reserves the right to make alternations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.