CANCELLED Seminar : Get a room and make it sound right



Amptec will host an acoustics seminar by Eddy B. Brixen on Thursday March 26th.

This seminar reaches out to all who are involved with the design of studios, control rooms, editing rooms, rehearsal room, listening rooms, small venues for live music, and for those who just want to know a little more on how acoustics works. How to get the best out of your room - on a budget !

Content of the seminar :
-    Basic principles of acoustics and behavior of sound in small to medium-sized rooms.
-    The difference between sound insulation (building acoustics) and acoustic treatment (room acoustics).
-    How to find out what is important (don't waste your time and money on the wrong stuff).
-    How to improve sound insulation - some practical examples.
-    How to treat acoustics - reverberation time and absorption - tips, calculations, and rules of thumb.
-    Absorbers - from standard building materials to specialized products.
-    Standards for the acoustics in rooms (IEC, ITU, EBU, ...).
-    Diffusion or re-direction - keep the energy but leave the hard reflections out.
-    All other aspects to consider when installing a room such as air conditioning, cable distribution, windows, ...

Control your room - don’t let your room control you !

Lecturer : 
Eddy B. Brixen, consultant, and audio specialist. He is the CEO of EBB-consult, Denmark.
He has extensive experience from the smallest to the largest acoustic projects.
From small project studios to large concert halls and huge venues for music. Eddy also holds a position as an Associate professor at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.

The seminar will be held in English.

Number of participants
Maximum 25

185€ lunch included

Thursday 26.03.20
The seminar starts at 10.00 and ends around 16.30.

Amptec headquarters

How to register
Contact to confirm 

Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be sent a written confirmation. If unable to attend, please inform Amptec in writing before the workshop begins. 
In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, Amptec will of course inform participants in good time.
Amptec reserves the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.