Vicoustic launches VicTotem


Vicoustic is proud to release their new flagship product for HiFi and Pro Audio markets, VicTotem !

VicTotem is a free standing, variable acoustic product which can provide absorption, diffusion and bass management and any mix thereof !
It can be placed freely in any room, in any combination and it can be repositioned and changed for different acoustic environments.
For project studios it offers the most versatile and flexible system available - freely movable between recording rooms and mixing situations.

VicTotem is designed with the craftsmanship of Vicoustic in terms of wood and fire-resistant fabric combined with our new core material PET.
VicTotem is available in a wide range of colours and wood finish to fit any room and space. Although it is primarily designed to be free-standing, wall and ceiling fixations for VicTotem will be available as well.

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