DirectOut PRODIGY for broadcast NL


Join us to explore the DirectOut PRODIGY, a versatile audio processing platform for broadcast applications. With its user-friendly interface and extensive connectivity options, the PRODIGY ensures optimal sound quality and flexibility, making it an essential tool for enhancing audio performance in complex audio setups.



1. Introduction: Learn about the PRODIGY and its role in sound processing. 

2. Practical applications: Explore real-world use cases and the PRODIGY's impact on audio quality and setup efficiency.

3. Live demonstrations: From setup and configuration to smart integration with third party devices. 

4. Q&A: Get all your questions answered by our experts.


The workshop will be presented in English by DirectOut Audio Solution Architect Benno Sonder.



Thursday June 6, 2024


09:30 Reception with coffee

10:00 Start seminar

16:00 End seminar & one for the road


Sandwich lunch and refreshments included. 



Brasserie Zonnestraal

Loosdrechtsebos 19

1213 RH Hilversum


How to register

Contact to register. Please provide us with your name, e-mail, company and meal preference (meat/veggie/vegan).

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