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Electroacoustics seminar


Designing a sound system starts with a basic understanding of electroacoustics. Discover how loudspeakers interact with their environment and how to achieve intelligible sound to every listener during an instructive day with d&b’s Christian Knoll. Novices and students will gain new skills whilst those with more experience will enjoy refreshing their knowledge.

- Basics: sound and physics through experiments and demonstrations
- Drawbacks and benefits of addition and subtraction of sound waves
- Explore what happens to sound in a working environment
- Defining the parameters that constitute a well behaved loudspeaker

The content is conveyed in a format that uses practical examples and encourages participants to exchange experiences and play an active role. The seminar will be in English.

Tuesday November 28th 2023
Start: 9:00         End: 17:00

Bremakker 45
3740 Bilzen

How to register
Fill out the registration form on the website of d&b: Workshop and Seminar registration | d&b audiotechnik (dbaudio.com). A certificate of attendance is available on request.



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