DPA Microphones


Join our DPA training in our Foyer


Amptec and DPA are organising a workshop to hear the manufacturer’s miking solutions in action through live performance, multi-track recordings and virtual soundcheck. During this instructive afternoon we’ll demonstrate the various microphones with a live drummer, bass player and vocalist.
Join us to get insightful information from DPA product specialist Bo Brinck and share your experiences with industry peers.  

Tuesday November 29th 2022

Bremakker 45, 3740 Bilzen

12h30   Welcome 
13h00   DPA microphones: a guide for professionals
14h30   Break
14h45   Workshop: how to mic a drum kit or bass with the new 4055?
16h15   Vocal mics and headsets 
17h00   Beers and snacks 

Places are limited. If you’d like to attend, please send an e-mail to  events@amptec.be
We hope to see you soon in our Foyer.
Kind regards,
Team Amptec


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